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Our online typing course is designed and taught by experienced typing instructors. They have years of experience helping individuals like you improve their typing skills. You can trust that you are receiving expert guidance and instruction throughout the course Only @199

Online English Touch Typing Course

Throughout the course, you will practice typing exercises that are specifically designed to improve your speed and accuracy. You will learn techniques to increase your words per minute (WPM) and reduce errors, making you a more efficient typist.

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What will You Learn

1. Proper Finger Placement

One of the first things you will learn in our course is the proper finger placement on the keyboard. This technique, also known as touch typing, allows you to type without looking at the keyboard, resulting in increased speed and accuracy.

2. Typing Speed and Accuracy

Throughout the course, you will practice typing exercises that are specifically designed to improve your speed and accuracy. You will learn techniques to increase your words per minute (WPM) and reduce errors, making you a more efficient typist.

3. Special Characters and Symbols

In addition to letters and numbers, our course covers typing special characters and symbols commonly used in documents, emails, and online communication. You will become familiar with shortcuts and techniques to type these characters quickly and accurately.

4. Advanced Typing Techniques

As you progress through the course, you will be introduced to advanced typing techniques, such as touch typing with numbers and punctuation, typing with capital letters, and using the numeric keypad. These skills will further enhance your typing efficiency and versatility.

what will you get into our this course?

English and Hindi Typing PDF book
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1-Years Subscription FREE
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2:30 Hours Videos Lectures

22 Videos
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Who Can Benefit from Our Online Typing Course?

Our online typing course is suitable for individuals of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner who has never typed before or an experienced typist looking to improve your speed and accuracy, our course has something to offer.

Our course is particularly beneficial for:

  • Students who need to type essays, reports, and assignments
  • Professionals who spend a significant amount of time typing emails, documents, and reports
  • Job seekers who want to enhance their typing skills for better job prospects
  • Individuals who want to improve their overall productivity and efficiency on a computer

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions

Touch typing uses all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard, improving typing speed, accuracy, and productivity. It requires skills like posture, hand placement, and concentration. It is ideal for those who spend a lot of time typing, and many schools and courses teach it, while resources also exist online

Good typing skills in English are important for success in today’s digital world. They make you work faster and more efficiently, which is essential because English is the main language for business communication and documentation. You’ll find it easier to talk to clients and colleagues from all over the world, which creates opportunities for collaboration. Quick typing enables you to complete work quickly, meet deadlines, and show that you are reliable. Showing skills in modern work practices makes you more desirable to employers. Developing your English typing skills can improve your career by making you more productive, efficient, and professional.

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02:19:43 Hours On demand videos

If you Follow Daily Videos and Practice accordingly to our guidelines, you will be able to type with 60 wpm within 6 to 8 weeks. 

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